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I started Mike's Music on Saturday May 1, 1999.  It's hard to believe that over seventeen years have passed.  


Over the last 16 years, the store and our online business has grown so quickly that I just recently took the time to reflect on exactly what it is that I was trying to do in the first place.


I am glad to say that with the help of my staff over the years, we have succeded in making the instrument buying experience a little more personal, honest, and "hands on."


Buying a guitar, for example, should never be equated with going to the mall to purchase a toaster oven or a pair of socks.  This is why you rarely see big box stores making a success of selling musical instruments.  For better or worse, it takes a certain kind of mentality to be around "products" that need to be cared for, tuned, cleaned, tweaked, re-strung, etc.  An instrument, in my opinion is a living, personal thing and when taken care of from the time it arrives at our store until the time it arrives in your home and "gets old" with you, is an unbelievable joy to own and play.


My employees have never and never will work on commission. There are no pressure sales at Mike's Music or rewards for trying to move product we shouldn't have purchased in the first place.  That's what ebay is for...just kidding.


We (myself and the staff) have met many good people and made many great friends along the way.


We see our suppliers as partners, and our customers as family (sometimes dysfunctional),  and therefore would never buy or sell to them any item that in our opinion is not giving them the best value for the price.  


Without you, the customer, Mike's Music would not exist...and I promise that at the first hint of my loss of passion for this business, or if I ever believe I know everything there is to know about it, I will retire...


I wish to thank each and every person who has ever walked through our doors, talked to us on the phone, or purchased any of our products online.



Mike Palermo





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